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“Exceptional Wood Sawn By Builders For Builders”

Newport Nautical Timbers has had a long tradition of servicing clients with the highest of standards. Starting out with a logs to lumber business, NNT has been able to provide the highest quality air-dried lumber for hundreds of miles and will continue to provide the best possible. Our format has always been to Flitch Saw our logs and restack them in boules, meaning we cut a log completely and keep it in its sequential order. This method helps builders keep color matching in mind as well as being able to bookmatch most pieces. Several years ago we expanded our materials list to include several Veneer Grade imported species and while keeping up with our tradition we only carried boules. NNT felt that the material was of the quality that clients have come to expect.

While always concerned about quality and consistency, Newport Nautical Timbers has chosen these new species for their individual excellence in quality. After a long and hard search NNT has found a supply of material that meets our reputation for the highest quality available. Our clients have ranged from world renowned furniture makers to the most historical restoration of wooden boats. Each of our clients have their reasons for requiring excellence, and we work with them to provide the best choices at the most competitive price.