Newport Nautical Timbers

Mindful of the environment, Newport Nautical Timbers works closely with landowners across the country to selectively harvest timber from trees that have reached the end of their life cycle.  These trees are treated to the highest of standards, from felling to sawing and delivering.

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Newport Nautical Timbers

Newport Nautical Timbers mission is to provide the best timber products available in the world to a wide variety of customers at a competitive price.

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Newport Nautical Timbers

Newport Nautical Timbers offers a host of services including Log Milling, Dry Lumber Milling, Wide Belt Sanding, Delivery and Log Retrieval.  Contact us today for more information.

Newport Nautical Timbers is a very different type of lumber supply than what you typically find. Almost all of our materials are cut live edge and stacked sequentially for drying. We utilize our expanded sawmill to achieve wide slab lumber that would otherwise not be available. Our business was designed to supply wooden boat builders with materials of the highest quality while maintaining maximum widths. This also allows us to provide the most exquisite furniture grade materials available. Our mill cuts up to 52” wide and 45’ long, this allows us to sequentially slice any log of any size. Our sawyers work very hard to maintain an accurate cut as well as taking the maximum advantage of the logs. Almost all of our materials are air dried to ensure quality and versatility.

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