Here on our inventory page you can find a full list of species, sizes and prices. If you click on a species you will see an additional page describing the type of wood we have in stock as well as it’s format. One of the differences, here at NNT, is that we tend to have a larger format to our lumber. Each species has it’s own needs as far as how it was cut and for what purpose. Please explore this page to see our wide variety of materials.

Reclaimed Thicknesses Widths Lengths Price Per Board Foot Up To
Long Leaf Yellow Pine 4/4-15" 6-13" 8-25' $7.50 $12.00
Sinker Cypress 4/4-16/4 6-48" 16' $10.00 $18.00
Oak 4/4-12/4 6-12" 20' $9.00 $12.00